Campaign for Protection of Religious  Minorities in Bangladesh

Meeting minutes on 13th December 2015

The meeting of the organisation was held on 13/12/2015 at South wood ford Methodist Church.
Presided over by Mr Mihir Sarkar.
The decisions of the meeting are as follows:
1. It has been felt that CPRMB needs support from more and more active individuals
across the community to accomplish the aim and objective successfully. CPRMB started
its journey as an umbrella organisation although unfortunately, the concept is not
working in real terms. Few reasons have been identified and discussed. Often, Individual
organisation’s decision making process deters interested individual to participate actively
and timely. Multiple layer of committees and decision making process, delay the real
action plan, as a result to make instant protest or any work becomes practically
impossible. In light of this scenario, it has been decided that CPRMB should stand as a
separate independent entity to work for the rights of any minorities in Bangladesh
and Abroad on the Human right context. Minorities and individuals who wish to assist
establishing minorities’ right will be encouraged and motivated to join CPRMB at their
personal capacities regardless their representation and commitments for other
likeminded organisation;
2. Local MPs, MPs from Bangladeshi origin, Lords and other renowned individuals will be
approached to strengthen the organisation;
3. Registration to charity commission and other formal legal entity requirement will be
reviewed by the designated officials and the target set is by March 2016;
4. All members have to fill up and sign the application form (attached) to gain membership
which will be then be approved by appropriate officials;
5. All members must donate £2 as standing order effective from 1 January 2016 (form
6. Discussion on work guide line has been taken place and it was decided that the amended
final copy will be distributed among registered members for final comments;
7. A working committee of following members have been approved for 2 years:
Advisory Board:
Mr Sujit Sen
Mr Mihir Sarkar
Mr Rakhal Saha
Executive Board:
President : Mrs Pushpita Gupta
Vice Pr. : Mr Swapan Mazumdar
Vice Pr. : Mr Prashanta B Barua
Vice Pr. : Mr Swapan Peris
Vice Pr. : Mr Adhir Das
Vice Pr. : Mr Debashish Das
Secretary : Mr Ajit K Saha
Joint Secretary :
Treasurer : Mr Kamol Saha
Joint Treasurer :
Publicity & Media :
Organising Secretary :
Joint organising Sec. :
Science & Tech. Sec :
Others :
(The vacant positions will be filled in due course in consultation with
the registered members seeking to contribute actively for the causes of
8. Members who were not present but nominated and selected in above committee, are
humbly requested to inform in writing if they disagree or not ready to accept their
9. Members who were not present but wish to join the working team, are humbly
requested to inform their interest by email so that those can be done in due course.
At the end chairperson thanked all to join the meeting, and urge everybody to act wholeheartedly to
help minorities in Bangladesh.
Also, all participants thanked Mr Mihir Sarkar, the Chief coordinator for his restless effort and invaluable
contributions to bring the organisations to this level