Campaign for Protection of Religious  Minorities in Bangladesh

About us

CPRMB (Campaign for Religious Minorities of Bangladesh) is a UK based united front of Bangladeshi Hindu, Buddhist and Christians & other indigenous tribal people living in Europe. The organization was formed in 2013 to force Bangladeshi to protect all religious minorities against all on going atrocities, oppression and genocides. It has been raising its voice against all discrimination, racism, extremism and genocide on minorities and lobbing the international communities to build pressure on the current government to    protect the minorities by  bringing all heinous criminals under justice and set  a real example that no body ever think to attack on the minorities again.  It also demands the current ruling party Awami League and BNP to agree a long term resolution to stop future Atrocities on Minorities.

The following organisations have joined under CPRMB, united front: (alphabetical order)

  • Bangladesh Hindu Association, UK
  • Hindu, Buddha and Christian Oikya Parishad
  • Hindu Pragati Sangha
  • Hindu Buddhist Unity Council Europe
  • Jagannath Hall Alumni Association UK
  • Sanaton Association
  • Sarbojanin Baba Lokenath Association (SBLA) UK
  • Shree Shree Loknath Bhakta Porishad Uk


1. To force the current government to publish the list of criminal of genocide

2. To persuade the government to publish the Shamshuddin Manik Chowdhury’s report on oppression and killing of religious minorities of Bangladesh.

3. To force government to initiate a judiciary tribunal of current Atrocity.

4. To give proper protection for the minorities against upcoming political unrest.

5. To provide immediate humitarian aids for the victims

6. To persuade international community to  stop investing in Bangladesh as  long criminals are not brought under justice.

7. To persuade international community to expel Bangladeshi high commissionaer from their country/